How to Survive Christmas in Hospitality

23 November 2016

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As we head into December we are all gearing up for Christmas, and nowhere more so than in the hospitality industry.

It’s the busiest time of year, customers and demanding, spirits are high and if your hard at work whilst everyone else in the world seems to be partying it can be easy to end up feeling a bit “Bah Humbug!”

But with a bit of planning and the right attitude there’s no reason why Christmas shouldn’t be the most wonderful time of the year, even if you are working.

So here are our top tips for having a fabulous working Christmas in hospitality.

Embrace It!

Make sure that things are just as festive for staff as they are for guests. Make an effort with decorations in staff areas, arrange a secret santa, get some Christmas music on and make everyone wear a hat or some flashing antlers!  Get that Christmas spirit going so that you are enjoying the season as much as your guests are.

Plan some staff celebrations

Make some time for that staff Christmas party and do make sure that everyone gets a staff Christmas lunch – even if it isn’t at lunch time! And be sure to break out that celebratory glass of champagne at the end of the shift to congratulate everyone for a job well done.

Don’t over-do it!

If you’re working the bar invitations to “have one for yourself” might be more frequent at this time of year – go easy tiger! Pace yourself you want to be full of Christmas spirit, but not that sort! Even if drinking on the job is a complete no-no the temptation to go out and join the party as soon as your shift is over can be great.  By all means go for it, but ideally not on an evening when you have to be back in work at 6am the next day.  No one wants to be served breakfast be someone who looks as green as a brussels sprout!

Family First

Working over Christmas sometimes doesn’t go down all that well at home. Be sure your family know what shifts you’ll be working well ahead of time and stick to the plan!  Do you best not to volunteer for extra shifts at the last moment if you know people are expecting you at home, and likewise don’t let after-shift celebrations spread into time you’ve planned to spend with your loved ones.

Go the Extra Mile

Expectations are high at Christmas, so plan to up your game and exceed them – work some little festive touches into service and enjoy those looks for surprised delight on your guests faces. Plan a festive menu that’s exciting to cook as well as to eat. 

Expect the unexpected

Over the festive season hospitality venues are usually working to full capacity, so if something or someone goes wrong – it can cause havoc.  Be prepared to think on your feet improvise and work through the hiccoughs.

Be Happy and Enjoy it!

Smile! Enjoy! More than ever you’re part of a really special time for your guests and delivering great hospitality as part of a great team can be a huge buzz. Get into the Christmas spirit and soon you find you’re not just surviving Christmas you’re thriving on it.


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