5 Things to do Before you Call the Recruitment Agency

9 August 2017

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Now of course we want your business; we’re very happy to help whenever we are needed.  But we also recognise that the services of recruitment agencies don’t come cheap and no one is made of money, so we like to think, that before you call us to help with recruitment for your latest vacancy you will have at least had a good go at filling the vacancy yourself and saving yourself a bit of hard earned cash. 


We sometimes find that clients haven’t done this before they call us, so today we thought we would share our top 5 tips on recruiting without the help of an agency.


1. Who do we know who would be good for this job?

The first step is to have a good think about who you know who would be really good for your job.  Don’t just think of your own contacts, sit down with your team and ask for their input. Make sure your team know who you are looking for and know that you really do want them to help with finding the right person.


Even if you have a formal “recommend a friend” scheme, team members sometimes don’t think that you really want their help, and they can’t help unless they know who you are looking for.  New hires recommended by team members are often some of the best you can get – your team member knows them, and they will know, from their friend, what your business is really like to work for, so you stand a good chance of getting a really good fit.


2. “We’ll keep your CV on file and be in touch . . . “

Those cv’s that come in when you just can’t use them: the people who come second in the selection process, the ones who send in a great CV just after you’ve offered the job - what really happens to them?  Do you really keep them on file or do they just disappear into the never-ending heap of emails.  These people are a goldmine, they’re interested in working for your business. 


We suggest you make an actual paper file, print out the CV’s pop them in, then call the people when you next have a vacancy.  Even if it’s a year or more after they made contact.  Maybe they’ve moved on, but maybe they haven’t and they’d still like to work for you.


3. Get Social

Put a shout out on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn about your vacancy. It takes 5 minutes and costs you nothing.  Get your team to like and share, and if you have local Facebook groups for your area share your post on those.  You’d be surprised who you might find.


4. Remember the Job Centre

Advertising your vacancy with your local job centre is free and well worth the effort.  It may not get you’re your next Restaurant Manager or Financial controller, but for entry level roles it can be great.  If you hire regularly it’s worth taking the time to get to know the manager of your local job centre so they can get to know they kinds of people you look for and make sure your vacancies are getting properly promoted to their clients.


5. Don’t forget the Free Ads

Indeed is the biggest free job board and it’s certainly worth posting a free job ad for your vacancy there.  You are likely to get a lot of applications, most of them will probably not be the people you need, but every now and then Indeed will send you a little gem, so it’s well worth the effort.


If you’ve done all this, and still don’t have the person you need, then give us a call!


Happy Hunting!


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