You're Fired! So Now What?!?!

31 August 2017

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The hospitality industry has a hugely high staff turnover rate and not everyone leaves their job by choice. One way or another there’s a chance that at some point in your hospitality career you may end up being asked to leave your job.


After the initial shock, anger and upset have worn off you’re likely to start thinking about how this is going to affect your future career, how it’s going to look on your CV and how you are going to explain being sacked at your next job interview.


So let’s take a look at what you can do to get your career back on track after getting the sack.


Be Honest…

This is the most important thing: don’t try and hide what’s happened from your potential new employer – you will surely be found out and then you’ll be in a much worse position than if you’d come clean in the first place.


And it may be that your new employer will be completely understanding and not have any issue with the whatever caused the problem at your last place of work.


We had one candidate who was sacked after being caught canoodling in a cupboard with a co-worker.  The candidate was completely honest about what had happened with us and at interview and her new boss respected her honesty and was able to laugh it off. 


Many companies we work for are happy to offer jobs to people who’ve previously been fired for all sorts of different reasons – as long as the candidate is honest about it up-front.


Use an Agency…

One of the reasons people often try to hide the fact that they’ve been fired from a future employer is down to embarrassment – they just can’t face explaining what’s happened.  If you work with a recruitment agency to help you find your new job the recruiter can do the explaining for you, and if you get to interview at least you will know in advance that your previous sacking isn’t going to stop you getting the job.


Jump Before You Are Pushed…

If you’re in a job where you know things aren’t going well, you’re not doing as well as you could be, or really not getting on with the team, or you’re in the midst of disciplinary proceedings then you might want to consider quitting before they sack you. 


For a decent, reputable employer terminating the employment of a member of staff is a difficult and time-consuming process.  If you both know it’s not going to work most employers will be supremely grateful if you have the courage to just quit. This will mean that you don’t have a dismissal on your record, and can often mean you come away with a pretty positive reference that focusses on your good points in the job.


Prove Yourself…

If you’re finding it difficult to get a permanent job after getting the sack then think about spending some time proving yourself. Do some voluntary work or some temporary agency work – something positive that will highlight your strengths and your determination to your next permanent boss.


Don’t Get Fired!

In hospitality people work long shifts in stressful circumstances and getting fired, or walking out in the heat of the moment, in the middle of a shift is a pretty common occurrence.


If this happens to you then sleep on it, and in the morning think about whether you really want to leave that job, or whether you would actually quite like to stay. 


If it’s your bad, don’t be afraid to go back and apologise to your boss or your colleagues.  If you think what’s happened is unfair then go and talk to a HR or a senior manager.  No one really wants to lose a team member and something that seems unforgivable at the end of a long shift often doesn’t look so bad in the morning.


And Remember…

However bad things look, everyone deserves a second chance, and most people are happy to give you one so long as you are honest and up-front.


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