Welcome to our Wine of the Month - Gran Passione

25 January 2018

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Wine of the month – Welcome

Welcome to our first Wine of the month slot.  We have a fabulous Sommelier Recruitment Consultant here at CaterPeople. David Almeida really knows his stuff, he came to us after 15 years working in Rosette & Michelin Star restaurants.  Each month, he or someone from our talented team, will make a recommendation and tell us about what they have been drinking.   Nothing too technical, just a love of good wine and occasionally other drinks!

January’s Wine Choice – Gran Passione


Why choose this one?

David chose this one as we are all struggling with the wet, cold and dreary days and we are all struggling with less than bulging wallets and purses after our Christmas spending.   We are all still wanting to eat casseroles and substantial and hearty meals.   He paired the wine with a Venison Casserole no less – his thinking is that it is “warming, satisfying and rich, exactly like I would like to feel…”  Hm!

David describes this wine as “a big hearted Italian that will give you a nice warm, fuzzy feeling.” Who doesn’t want that – I am at the front of the queue for the next bottle.   The wine is a great choice without breaking the bank.  David ‘invested’ £13.95 on an amazing bottle of wine from his local wine merchant http://www.raffles-wine.com/ - he likes to see it as an investment!

The Wine

The Gran Passione is from the Veneto region of Italy and is a blend of Merlot and Corvina. The wine honours the apassimento technique, which is used in the production of Amarone. Amarone wines are usually a lot more expensive that this so this is a great quality value option.

It has an intense purple colour, and luscious and rich taste with notes of cherry and plum, and maybe a hint of vanilla.  It has a fresh acidity and well-integrated and ripe tannins so lovely depth and richness to it.    

In case you need to know

  • It is 60% Merlot, 40% Corvina Grapes
  • Apassimento means to dry and shrivel!  - drying the grapes before crushing.
  • Amarone wine is a wine made with partially dried grapes from the Valpolicella region of Italy.
  • If you are looking for an excuse to visit Venice and Verona – this is it!

Have you tasted Gran Passione?   What did you think?  What are you drinking this month? 


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