Looking for new talent for your team?

If you want to work with a recruiter who really understands your hospitality business and shares your passion for great service, maybe we can help.

Why Choose CaterPeople?

We're properly specialist. We only work with top notch hotels. inns, restaurants and venues. What this means for you is that we really understand the qualities you look for in your staff. We work with candidates who know that being part of the team at a great property is far more than just a job. Regardless of discipline we look for candidates who's skills and experience are matched by their passion for the hospitality industry.

We only work with people we like. We know it sounds selfish, but its also really important for you. A recruiter goes out and represents your business to potential employees.  The recruiter can only do a good job of this for you if they understand you and your business and really believe that you offer a good career option for the candidate. In larger recruitment businesses consultants are often obliged to work with clients that they have no empathy with (we know, we've been there!). This doesn't make for great recruitment. So we only work for people we like.

Service not sales. The majority of recruitment business hire and train their consultants for sales ability. In our experience a good recruiter doesn't get to do much sales (do a good job and clients come back, and bring their friends). So we hire our team members for their service ethos and their hospitality industry knowledge.  Then train them in all the recruitment skills needed to give the best possible service.  We think you'll notice the different.

The Best Tools of the trade. Even the best recruiter can't give you a top class service unless they have access to the right tools: and these days that means a bit more than a telephone and the yellow pages. For larger companies it can be a slow and expensive process to move from outdated technology to the best that's currently available, and even some smaller recruiters don't see the value in investing in the best tools for their team.  At CaterPeople we really believe in investing in tools that help us do our best work for you every day.

We're a small, owner managed business. This means your business is really important to us, and you''ll get personal service, from a director, each and every time you choose to work with us.

We'd love the chance to talk about how we can help you, so please call us today on 01452 238182.