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It's super easy these days to jump on to your favourite job board, click the "apply" on a load of job ads and sit back and wait.

But we all know what happens:

  • Often you don't hear back about the jobs you've applied for.
  • then if and when you do hear back you've applied for so many jobs you've forgotten what this one was about and why you wanted it.
  • you get 500 phone calls from random recruiters offering you jobs you don't want in parts of the world you've never heard of.

We think there's a better way.

10 Good Reasons to come to CaterPeople First

  1. We know about jobs that aren't even advertised - even on our website. This is usually because a manager who we talk to regularly knows one of their team is going to leave, but it hasn't happened quite yet, or knows they are about to expand to take on a new project. In this situation we an get you in before the job ever gets advertised, and if you and the job are right for each other then probably the job never will be advertised.at all.
  2. We know people who want to employ you even if they don't actually have any "vacancies" at the moment. This probably isn't going to happen if you're a senior manager, but if you're, say, a junior chef, or a top sales person,. or an amazing housekeeper, then many of our client's will make room for you in their teams - because they know you're worth it.
  3. We'll introduce you to properties you've never heard of. Even if you know the area really well we bet we can think of some properties that you'd be interested in that you've never even considered.  If you are new to the area our specialist knowledge is going to be invaluable to you in your job search.
  4. We see your full potential. Even for top notch sales people writing a c.v. that really "sells" you is one of the most difficult things.  If you're not a big headed show off it's often a complete nightmare! At CaterPeople we'll spend time finding out what's great about you - then we'll big you up, so you don't have to. Once we've finished tweaking your CV and writing up a full profile on you you'll realise just what a great catch you actually are.
  5. We'll give you inside knowledge.  When we set up an interview for you we'll do our best to make sure you are fully briefed on the job, the property and the hiring manager. This gives you the opportunity to to really shine at interview.
  6. We'll give you feedback.  We promise to always give you feedback, good, bad or ugly. This can really help you in matching your job search to your skills and experience.
  7. We wont bombard you with random jobs that aren't what you are looking for.  We specialise, so we only work with top end hotels, inns, restaurants and venues. We wont be asking you to interview for contract catering jobs,. or even jobs that aren't in hospitality at all. And when you register with us you set your own preferences - tell us exactly what you want and that's exactly what we'll talk to you about.
  8. We'll only introduce you to employers who we genuinely believe are good people to work for. We're a small, owner managed company, we choose which client companies we work with and which we don't. Whilst all of our employers have their own unique character we believe that all of them are honest, ethical businesses who treat their staff fairly and, each for their own unique reasons, are great places to work.
  9. We'll do the tricky negotiation for you. Lot's of people don't like negotiating salaries and the other nitty gritty of a job offer. So we do this for you. We'll negotiate the best deal we can for you and the employer, and we'll be honest with you if we think you're asking too much.
  10. We'll be with you every step of the way. We wont abandon you once you've got the job.  We know the first few months in a new job can be daunting. We are here if you need a sounding board, if you're not sure about something, or if you just need someone to chat to about how things are going at work, we'll be here for you.

We'd love to help you with your job search.

So call us today on 01452 238182.

Meet the team and contact a consultant direct.

Or register you details with us to be kept up to date on all of our latest vacancies.

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